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10th September 2012


My apologies to anyone who went on to my web site last week and discovered obscene material. It read like 50 shades of Burnt Sienna!

I got back from a trip to Middle England on Friday night. I was there getting additional material for a story for the next book. An e mail from someone in Canada who was just signing up to the newsletter alerted me to the fact that all was not well at When I looked at my site I was appalled.  On the Publications page the description of the PK biography had key words altered - the title had been changed to The man who couldn't stop Wa*king and obscene words had been added everywhere - not randomely - they made a depraved sort of sense. In Articles the Guardian write up of the same book by Blake Morrison had also been defaced.

I deleted both immediately and my webmaster has changed all passwords.She is now investigating further and increasing security. I am assured that your e mail addresses remain sacrosanct. They have nothing to do with this. That was not the aim of the Hacker. This was a targeted attack to upset me personally. It hasn't succeeded.

Hercules and the Farmer's Wife has also been the subject of a different sort of attack. A badly defaced hard back copy was sent to me through the post last Christmas with 3 screws through it. It immediately went to the police who took it very seriously. We think this is about jealousy  and envy. However it is a criminal offence and serves no purpose whatsoever. It just demonstrates the stupidity of the Hacker who probably feels very clever at being able to do it.

So - watch out for the next book. There will be a chapter entitled Stalker and now another called Hacker will join it. And if you happen to be thinking of attacking the web site again - don't bother. It's not worth it and you will get found out.

More proper news soon. But I have my head down writing like crazy to get the next book finished.

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