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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

8th September 2016


Our six month house renovation is finished and we are on the move albeit only a few miles down the road. Our beautiful minimal house is on the market now and will be featured in an article in next month’s Cumbria Life magazine. I have always kept Low Melbecks House secret because my life at the gallery was public and hectic I needed  silence and tranquility. This was not hard to achieve because there is no footfall, no light pollution, fabulous views and it is extremely difficult to find. (oh dear that sounds like estate agents’ gumph but it is true in this case!). The slopes of Skiddaw are straight out of the back door so many a time I have climbed up to the wall to time and deliver a speech or a talk to the sheep who appeared unmoved at all times - just went on munching! One day though humans crept up on me and stood very still.  I thought they were in awe until I saw their faces as they beat a hasty retreat downhill.

I will miss the Pink Egg most of all. It has been my retreat; a place of ideas and imagination.  But even more I will miss the wildlife.  In the last few weeks we’ve watched 2 baby red squirrels attack the feeders (under parental guidance) falling off a few times. At the beginning one of them curled up tight in the coconut shell but he’s now too big.  With buzzards in the oak wood, owls in the big yew tree and dippers in our stream along with woodpeckers, tree creepers, stoats and weasels , hares and badgers and much more, it has been constant theatre here. It’s a wonder I ever got any writing done.

The new house is also minimal (now) so the wonderful Art Deco bath in the photograph just had to go. We are more Starck than Deco. So it now sits with its basin and loo in Mitchells sale room Cockermouth in magnificent splendour ready to be auctioned tomorrow. (Friday 9)

With their usual sense of humour the auctioneers  have positioned an old village pump by its side and a big hairy spider the size of a dinner plate sits inside it. I hung about to take the photographs  yesterday and was amused at reactions – especially the arachnophobe who ran away screeching!

Hunter Davies is also on the move.  He is selling his Fells, a couple of Kelly’s  and his extensive collections of Wainwright and Beatrix Potter memorabilia.  I looked around expecting to see the sofa I sold him in 1987 (see Life Class – The sofa hunter) but it isn’t there. I know he still had it earlier this year so perhaps he’s keeping it. (just thought - it is probably in the general sale as it won't be considered an antique)

You can see everything in the catalogue and even watch the auction streamed on line at

 I do hope someone buys my bath. It will look spectacular in the right place. If it’s you – let me know and I will photograph it in situ. I will even bring my own spider.

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