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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
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23rd August 2012


They are everywhere these Time Bandits, lying in wait ready to jump out and ambush my time.There are the government quangos who demand statistics, accounts and VAT; the coffee machine and newspaper with seductive Sudoku and challenging crossword; the telephone; the cat; the friends.Then there's keeping up with the bills, constantly changing charges and variable interest rates to keep up with and find the best buy for gas, insurance etc. This leads on to the internet where the search for one small thing can lead into several fascinating hours exploring labyrinths of non sequitors. Then there are appointments with dentists, opticians etc .. I could go on infinitum.

Determined not to throw away the time I have now freed up, I have a routine. I shut myself in the Egg every morning at 9 and don't let myself out until 12.30  unless there's a real emergency like the house on fire or the mower careering down the bank into the stream with Michael still attached to it (it happens!) I am committed to writing - just me and the computer - oh and the view. The counting of sheep can be soporific and the sound of the quad bike can lull me into a quick snooze.

Apart from all that I am getting on with the next book which is about running a gallery - so that's a surprise. I can look at it more objectivelynow and wonder how I survived 25 years of constant excitement. Clearing out Castlegate House enabled me to form a big archive of past events and crises which were long forgotten. There is plenty of material lying around.

When all inspiration has gone out of the window, I am filling out the rather empty web site - uploading a few of the articles about the gallery published in the last few years on the web site under the ARTICLES section. There are a lot more to do. The images take a long time to download and I do apologise. It does depend on the speed of your broadband and up here it is ridiculously slow.

The publications section is interesting. I have put all the books on there which can be obtained at the gallery and bookshops as well as on Guardian Books. If you click on them on the web page though you can buy them directly from Amazon post free in the UK. A click takes you to the page in Amazon but you need to click on the book you want there and look at the options. The man who couldn't stop drawing is £28 as supplied by my publishers as a special and includes postage but it comes up first at £35 so you need to look at all the options. Others are cheaper but you then have to pay extra for postage. The hard cover Hercules is now £4 if you search for it. The paper back is more expensive. I will never understand or approve of Amazon but it does sell books efficiently, quickly and cheaply.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend. I am missing everyone a lot and the day to day events at the gallery but the writing is what I want to do more than anything now and is all absorbing. The hours and days just speed by.



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