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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

12th June 2016


view from the pink egg

Apologies for rather a long and uncharacteristic silence. No I haven't been globe trotting, taken holy orders, emigrated, or even started to write another book - yet - although there are a lot of loose ideas waiting to hatch.  For the last few months I have been immersed in 2 major projects.

1 Percy Kelly Retrospective

I’ve been hard at work processing all the Percy Kelly images and information you have sent me to be considered for the retrospective next year. Thank you so much for sending them and offering to lend them. It has been a trip down memory lane bringing back the excitement of some of those openings, exhibitions and new discoveries; remembering my struggles and the joy of pursuing and acquiring each new collection. I have been taken back to the queues and the jostling for position; the flasks of coffee and camaraderie. It has been good to be reminded of some of the things I found hard to let go.

 Images of some of the paintings you managed to prise from my sticky paws are still arriving in my in-box. I have printed off each one and expect to virtually arrange these scaled down jig-saw pieces in the large gallery space at Tullie House in my head  this autumn after which the shape of the exhibition will emerge (and a good title for the show I hope). I will be in touch in due course, so please be patient. We are in the wonderful position of having far more to choose from than there is space to hang. Many factors will influence the final decision which will be made with the help of Tullie House staff. The exhibition will run from  October 2017 to January 2018. I will give you exact dates when I have them.

2 Relocation

Since I sold the gallery in 2012 Michael and I have been looking for somewhere with fewer steps and stairs than our farmhouse on the northern slopes of Skiddaw. It has been a hard call as the views here are magnificent; the variety of walks at all levels straight out of the back door has seemed endless; the lack of noise and light pollution and the luxury of underfloor heating, triple glazing, as well as the wildlife passing through the garden and overhead has been hard to match. House hunting is demoralising and exhausting but we are now on the last stretch of a big renovation project close to Keswick which has dominated my life for the last six months, (I haven't even been to London since last September). My biggest miss will be my writing room/studio overlooking the stream which has seen four publications and loads of projects. Big and small ideas have been generated in this perfect retreat. But never fear, the Arne Jacobsen  Pink Egg Chair after which this little power house is named, is moving with us to another room-with-a-view from which ideas and words will hatch. And of course Percy, Marie, Michael, June, Charles, Sheila, Winifred etc, etc – the whole entourage - are coming with us. New Dawn will welcome the same sunrise and Jane Smith’s three piece dragon will take up its guard post under the cherry tree in the new meadow. There is space for us all. The transition will be gentle. Life happens; life changes and we can and will adapt.

Despite all this or even as a temporary escape from idoor handles, taps, tiles and toilets, I will be in the barn at Dartington Hall in Devon at 11.15  on 12th July talking about being an accidental gallerist. This is a festival of words and ideas par excellence in a beautiful setting which I always find stimulating.  I'd love to see you there if you can make it.



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