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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

29th April 2016


snow person
the view this morning from The Pink Egg. The summit of Skiddaw was hidden in the mist

It is the last day of spring (that’s official – I read it in the paper so it must be true!) yet we woke this morning to this strange white world. So, like excited kids, we built a snowman for the record book rushing back and forth adding props before it melted. Of course, never being one to miss an opportunity, I just had to add my book for the final photo shoot.

To more serious matters; plans for the Kelly Retrospective, October 2017 – January 2018  at Tullie House in Carlisle have now been confirmed. I have already approached many of you about loans for the exhibition, some a long time ago when it was first mooted. So far nobody has turned the opportunity down so we already have offers of more than we need which gives us plenty to choose from. Much will depend on size, subject matter and geographical accessibility. There will be a good catalogue and the works will be fully insured.

This will be a landmark exhibition with his early works dating from 1936 up to his last years in exile in Norfolk. I have records and images of all his works sold since that first exhibition at Castlegate House in 1994 but I have lost track of some of them. I and Tullie House want this to be the best it can possibly be so if you have a large Kelly which you consider exceptionally good and if you would be willing to lend it supposing it is selected and if it is reasonably accessible  I should like to hear from you. You will need to send me a photograph (nothing elaborate just enough for me to identify it) either as an e mail attachment or by post giving measurements including frame.

October 2017 seems a long way off at the moment but I know that once we get going time will rush by.

Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Get the sledges out ready!

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