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29th February 2016


The Pink Egg in the garden

 Friday was the official publication day for Life Class. So at last it is out there but it is not quite so peaceful here just now – It has been Media Week at the Pink Egg - hardly the writer’s haven but writer’s mayhem. And the reviews are coming in which is nerve wracking.

Juanita Coulson, book reviewer for The Lady writes  With breathtaking descriptions of the Lake District, a wonderfully eclectic cast of artists, art lovers and eccentrics and flawless comic timing, this warm and judiciously edited memoir manages to both demystify and celebrate the art world.

I’m glad I’m demystifying the art world – I fancied I was confusing it – and myself. Of course you, my newsletter friends, have had the chance to get in first and it has been good to hear from so many of you.

Waterstones have just put an order in and so have many other book shops so support your local bookshop and order through them. The price is set at £8.99 whether you get it there, from my web site or from Amazon. (you will get it post free I believe from Amazon) and of course it is on Kindle at £3.99. The New Bookshop in Cockermouth usually stocks my books but suffered badly in the November floods and hopes to re open soon. In the meantime Percy House and Castlegate House gallery have good stocks if you are in town. I have warmed to e books ever since I went on holiday a few years ago with all the books short listed for the Booker Prize. ‘You can’t possibly be taking that lot’ said Michael as I stuffed Wolf Hall into the bag. That’s when I invested in an i pad and now I love it as I can read in the dark in the middle of the night, highlight memorable quotes and increase the size of the print when the need arises. I never lose my place and can take as many books around with me whenever I wish. Our overcrowded bookshelves were groaning under the weight. But we must support independent book shops so I still buy proper books as well and love the feel and smell of them.

Only a week now to my talk at Theatre by the Lake and all the other good things being offered there. There is still time to book your tickets. Writing is a solitary existence compared with the madness of gallery life so I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

If you can’t make it to Keswick, I will be at The Heron Theatre Beetham near Milnthorpe on Friday April 16th at 7.30 pm doing and being a ‘right turn’ as their wonderfully enthusiastic director Stuart Newton so elegantly puts it and at the Literature Festival in Dartington Devon on July 12th at 11.45. So that should keep me out of trouble for a bit!

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