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29th January 2016


There are so many exciting things lined up this year including a house move a few miles closer to civilisation, the launch proper of Life Class and my talk at Words by the Water in March along with a string of speaking engagements which I will tell you about as they come up.  I have also made a start on the next book which will be a test of nerve. Can I write and manage builders? I am going to find out aren’t I?  At least we won’t be sharing the house with them as they bang about. I will still be able to find sanctuary and sanity in The Pink Egg.

From New Year’s Day onwards, life has been extremely hectic- hence this late January newsletter.

First though a big thank you to the surprisingly  large number of you who ordered the pre-publication copy of  Life Class which kept the Chief Elf out of mischief right up to Christmas and beyond. I have been astonished at how many have sold since 1st December.  Even better is the feedback I have had. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it particularly the people mentioned in it.

The good news is that Life Class is now available in bookshops from today and on Amazon  (  as well as on my web site .  Some bookshops may have to order it at this early stage but should be able to get it for you within a few days. (I know for sure that Bookends in Carlisle and Keswick, Abbot Hall gallery shop in Kendal, Castlegate House and Percy House in Cockermouth have it in stock)  For those who now read books on kindle or ipad it is available in the Amazon  kindle store @ £3.99. . ( so Jackie and Mary in Texas and other people outside the UK who have contacted me - you can now get it.)

SPECIAL REQUEST Please post a review on Amazon as it helps the browsers who want to know more about it before committing to a purchase .

The proper launch (Is that the right word? Since when did I ever do anything proper?) will be my talk on Sunday 6th March at 6.00pm at Words by the Water’s annual Festival of Words and Ideas at Theatre by the Lake Keswick. Titled Behind the scenes at the gallery I will be offering more insight about what it’s really like to run a gallery and tell a few more stories that aren’t in the book.  (Theatre by the Lake 017687 74411 for tickets)

 Now in its 15th year the festival organisers still present a varied and enticing programme which  this year includes Will Gompertz who will exhort us to think like an artist, Joan Bakewell’s succinct thoughts on ageing as well as Melvyn Bragg, Howard Jacobson and many other familiar and unfamiliar faces. I am doing quite a lot of chairing which accounts for the big pile of books by my bed. I’ve just finished reading Laura Cumming’s newly published book about a missing portrait by Velasquez. Now I’m looking forward to hearing her talk about it. What a story!

We escaped the floods being on high ground but of course everyone up here is affected by them. With bridges down and major roads collapsed we have to plan every journey with care.  I don’t understand why we are personalising these terrible storms and winds by giving them names. They are so frequent that they merge together anyway. Desmond becomes Eva who then segues into Frank and so on in quick succession. Looks like we’ll be at Zebedee in no time.(Time for bed?) They are anything but benign friends. And the rain still keeps coming down:  lakes have appeared where there have been no lakes before. This leaves a lot of people who have now experienced  the devastation several times full of  nervous apprehension with each new storm.

Hope to see you in Keswick, hear what you thought of the book or read your review on Amazon.

Above all stay safe and dry.


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