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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

15th December 2015


Winter Pot  Percy Kelly

The second attempt at book signing at the gallery was marginally livelier last Saturday. It was lovely to see those of you  who faced the bitter cold and damp. Since then we have been making daily visits to the post office with sacks of books for those who couldn’t  make it. We are posting first class and finding that things are getting through double quick – so still time to order for Christmas.  Good old British Post Office! Our postman has cheerfully reached us every day half way up the mountain despite all obstacles in his path as well as 2 gates to open and close. He deserves a medal as do so many other unsung heroes.  What a wonderful sight in Keswick this week to see the army out in force clearing up homes and streets.

Cockermouth has learnt a lot of lessons from the last flood and is recovering at an astonishing rate. Last weekend saw a brave and enterprising pop-up  Beer and Food Festival in the centre of town which was under several feet of water just a week before.   After the  2009 floods, renovations  often incorporated concrete floors, waterproof plaster and strategically placed electrics above the flood line so this time businesses were up and running very quickly. We will never win against the weather but we can and will adapt.

Many thanks for all the cheering messages of support you have sent.  Although we were not flooded, life isn’t normal (was it ever?)  because every journey needs careful  planning.  So many bridges are down  and so many roads closed that extra miles are added to the simplest trip – mainly circumnavigating lakes. In view of the situation we are adding our Christmas card money to our flood relief donation. Cumbria Community Foundation raised over £1 million overnight and being on the spot are using it (and the rest) to great effect. Your card heads this newsletter and comes with our good wishes. Michael and I sincerely hope your festive season is all you want it to be.


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