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7th December 2015


I shudder when I read the last paragraph of the newsletter that I wrote so optimistically last Thursday because everything - mainly people's lives - have been turned upside down  by water again in the space of just a few hours.

The signing at the gallery on Saturday was a washout – literally. The gallery is safe and dry because it is on high ground but it is heart breaking to see Cockermouth’s  Main Street  once again under water.  I drove from home (also on high ground) to the gallery on Saturday morning in very heavy rain - just a continuation of the torrential rain and hurricans of the past 3 weeks.   A few stalwarts turned out and many of you rang, texted and e- mailed in frustration. Still the rain poured down and the wind blew. A couple drove from Durham City and fought their way over the Pennines only to be turned back by police just east of Keswick.  I then realised that I couldn’t get back home so went off to St Bees with my son and his wife. I was amused to get a text that evening  from one of the intrepid  locals  telling me they’d got home safely but had no electricity so she was reading Life Class with a torch and couldn’t put it down! Well done Gill -  I hope you had plenty of back up batteries.

Yesterday getting back home was still problematic as the A66  and all surrounding roads were closed around and between Cockermouth and Keswick and my house above Bassenthwaite was still inaccesible. I spent a few surreal hours wandering around Cockermouth in sunshine appalled at the devastation. Sainsbury’s was open as usual and Ferns the ironmongers was doing a great trade in mops, candles and buckets. Cumbrians are a resilient lot but this is pushing them to the limit. The A595 Carlisle road reopened after lunch so I was able to drive north and approach Bassenthwaite from  that direction.  As far as I could see from the viewpoint at the top of our hill, Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite Lake appear to have merged to become one very large Bassderwent Lake.

Things can only get better – can’t they?

On a positive note -  I will be at the gallery again next Saturday 12.00 – 2.00 for a repeat performance to sign and meet those of you who are able to pick up.  I have left books already ordered with Steven as well as a box of books to sell .(just in case)

 As I write the A66 is now open again. The Post Office and Sorting Office in Cockermouth  are both up and running so you can still order by post on the web site   They will go letter post rather than parcel so they shouldl get to you reasonably quickly.

So if you want books for Christmas

 a  Get your order in now and I will post it


b  Turn up at the gallery on Saturday when the Christmas exhibition opens and I will sign them personally.


c   Drop in at the gallery and buy one.


* I haven't added a photograph. it is too depressing.


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