Chris Wadsworth
Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

1st October 2013


Today sees the launch of the new Percy Kelly web site There are loads of images and details of the new trails. You can download them on to your computer, I pad and I phone from the site. You can also access it through

The box set of the 6 brochures are being printed and assembled at the moment and will be available from 8th October in time for the launch of the trails at the Wave in Maryport on the 16 th. At £12 and packed with PK images (20-30 in each brochure) they are great value. You can order from the Kelly web site now (+ £2 postage) or get them at Castlegate House Gallery from 9th october or from The Wave at the launch. A full list of places stocking them will go on the site shortly.

I am getting e mails from people who are having difficulty replying to the invitation to the launch If this is the case you can try the main web site or use the email

Hope to see all you Kelly fans and walkers on the 16th.

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