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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

12th June 2013


A walk on the wall with granddaughter

There is an urban myth that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space. Not today! I can't even see the top of the building opposite. E mails are telling me that Britain is basking in sunshine which doesn't help when the toxic pall of pollution sits like a duvet over the city.
The coast at Shenangoan proved no better but we had an interesting day exploring the sites where the Great Wall meets the sea. Although heavily restored it is eerily
impressive. Our roads need constant maintenance so why not a wall that is thousands of years old. What an achievement - the scale is beyond anything I'd imagined.

But today in heavy rain we caught up with the wall north of Beijing. This was a different matter. Forget Hadrians Wall - think Hellvellyn range. This was no walk in the Park. The wall follows the mountain peaks and the gradients are steep and unrelenting. We finished wet through and exhausted but it was preferable to lung busting pollution in the city.

Our food choices are getting much better but still distracted by the revolting things being enthusiastically consumed around us : duck gizzard, lamb testic ( sic), extra blood, pig grizzle, sea slug! But there is always tofu, prawns, fish and interesting veg and pulses beautifully spiced and presented, breads and rice - just try not to look sideways.


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