Chris Wadsworth
Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

24th May 2013


sun room

Is the sky blue? What colour is petrol? Why is pink shocking? What is infra-red? Are there colours yet to be discovered?

We see and describe colour in terms of objects: lime green, canary yellow, sky blue, ultramarine, burnt sienna, rose pink. Alternatively enter the hallowed world of Farrow and Ball and get Piglet, Marbles, Fresh Air, String and inexplicably - Muddy Boots!

My lecture on Sunday at the Paint Fest at Florence Pit in Egremont will explore colour through the eyes of artists - particularly Winifred Nicholson who always felt there were colours out there we can't pin down. She was fascinated by rainbows. Is a rainbow really seven colours? Is it any colour at all.

Florence Mine has long since closed down and been reborn as an arts centre. They used to mine Haematite there. The miners were called Red Men because they came up from the mine covered in the rich Iron Ore powder. Paint Fest takes place there on Sunday and Monday with the launch of a 'new' colour EGREMONT RED - a pigment made from haematite.

There is a small art exhibition using - yes - Egremont Red, as well as stalls, talks, music, story telling and painting of course.

My lecture is from 11.00 to 12 noon and will include a 15 minute film of Winifred Nicholson talking about her work and particularly about colour.

Everything is free so come on over to the little known quiet of west Cumbria.


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