Chris Wadsworth
Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
Writer and Art Consultant

1st May 2013


The cheque was a work of art. I wanted to keep it. Why should the bank have such a lovely thing? It was in payment for two Percy Kelly books. When the post arrived the envelope shone out among all the boring printed matter.  The address, handwritten in ink on crisp white Conquerer Laid,and perfectly justified right, is impressive and hard to achieve. After carefully slitting the envelope open so as not to spoil the wax monogrammed seal, the content was exemplary. Beautiful letter writing is rare but not a dying art if people like artist Christine Nicholls and an increasing number of friends practice it.

Christine, a calligrapher and printmaker, is the latest victim of Kelly fever. A friend told her about him and she's hooked. Calligraphers seem particularly susceptible to his work. The power of Percy lives on and gathers momentum.

There is no way it can go through the shredder. It is now in the Kelly archive.

I've accessed her web site and it's lovely. It's a real pleasure just to see it. I hope to meet her one day.


* afterthought - since my last windy newsletter the lambs have given up hang gliding, removed their raincoats and are now doing star jumps in the sunshine.


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