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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
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18th April 2013


Dressed for the weather

We are surrounded by fields full of ewes and their new lambs. The weather has been so bad that many of them are wearing little raincoats. Several sets of twins were born in the night amid force 10 gales. They are staggering about this morning on unsteady little legs. I just watched a few of the bravest attempting the giddy run and vertical Zebedee jumps as though they are on a spring but they are becoming airborne - carried down the field like little hang gliders. When they touch earth again they quickly scurry back and hide under their mothers who are sensibly lying down under the hedge. They accept flying as the norm I guess.

The red feed buckets are being hurled around as well as anything else not tied down. What an introduction to life on earth. Most of them don't have long to frolic before they end up on our plates but at least they enjoy their short lives. Death isn't frightening without anticipation of it. I can't eat lamb since living here. It's like eating the neighbours!

I fear we are partly to blame for this wind which is playing games with us. We have challenged the elements. We had half our roof taken off for re-slating the day after changing the clocks to BST - yes, the S stands for Summer - and the first bout of snow and gales immediately arrived in full force. This week, thinking we were safely past the worst, we risked the dismantling of the second half of the roof. It is April and the cherry blossom is out in profusion. Result: winds strong enough to knock us over at times. Roof work again suspended.


Photograph courtesy JH>

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