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Percy Kelly - Looking East to the Ennerdale Fells
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27th March 2013


March 22nd Spring in our lane.

Spring arrived last Thursday just after builders turned up to reslate our roof and just before The Weather arrived. They took the roof off Thursday and covered us in blue plastic. We woke up Friday to the worst gale we've ever experienced up here in the fells.It chased sSnow in with it. It plastered the windows and blocked the doors. It quickly filled our lane to the tops of the hedges and we said goodbye to the Halle concert in Carlisle. The road to Carlisle and most other places was littered with dead vehicles buried in snow. The car in the photograph was abandoned near our gate. When the driver came to reclaim it on Sunday, he said he'd driven up here at the start of the storm to see what it was like! He soon found out and is lucky not to have been stranded all night inside it. He dug it out and pushed it out of the way into a field.

These days it is difficult to be cut off though. With a well stocked cupboard and freezer, plenty of wine, music and a pile of books to get through it was an opportunity. The I-pad brought the daily paper, up to the minute information and any other books I felt like loading. This elegant bit of kit is sheer alchemy - a magic wand. There is no such thing as isolation in this modern world - so long as we have electricity. All these clever things need recharging. Our heating and even our water supply depend on it - our water comes from a spring and is pumped round the house. So the power cut took us back to mediaeval times - fortunately only for a few hours.

What an interesting time of peace. I've read the paper every day and raided the freezers and wine store, enjoyed inventing dishes - cooking mad combinations of food, making scones and cakes and enjoying the dazzling white brightness. Many new chapters have been written in the last five days and it is snowing again this morning.

Hurrah for technology - we aren't cut off at all.



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