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28th January 2013


The big green canvas bag is heavy. THE BIGGER PICTURE it announces alongside the Tate logo. It is a gift from a friend. Must be something arty - something good.

Inside there are twelve gift wrapped parcels stacked side by side: each is labelled with a month. I am allowed to open January. Inside is a book - a recently published biography of Nina Rothschild. Each parcel contains a book. May is vey fat. I can't wait - I want to open them all now but I'm not allowed. No, the rule is a book every month. What a great idea. I love it and the suspense is killing me already. I am fingering February furtively trying to guess - as if I could without x-ray eyes - not long to go though.

I already have plenty to read. Words by the Water Festival opens in Keswick 1 - 10 March and I am chairing lots of authors so have to read their books. I am awaiting Tracy Chevalier's new book while brushing up on her first - Girl with a Pearl Earring. She will be speaking about both books and the film will be shown afterwards.

I am ploughing through Edwina Currie's diaries at the moment (2 thick volumes). Yes, I'm chairing her talk and it should be fun. Some years ago I found myself, by a strange series of circumstances, cycling across the Negev Desert with Edwina so I got to know her pretty well! I'll say no more but save it for the platform at the theatre.

The programme this year is better than ever. Ten days of challenging, funny, erudite and scintillating writers. It is just what we need at the end of a hard winter. The full programme is on Some speakers are booking up fast. You can book through Theatre by the Lake (

Apologies for lack of newsletters through January - I've had my head in a book or over the computer writing like mad.

Excuse me - I've got to get back to it. I'll be in touch again very soon.


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